Saint Michael Who Is Like God: Patron Saint of Justice

Father George David Byers writes this guest article on Saint Michael the Archangel, Patron Saint of Justice, while being Pope Francis’ Missionary of Mercy.

Father Gordon MacRae has written a number of articles for These Stone Walls on Saint Michael, “Angelic Justice: Saint Michael the Archangel and the Scales of Hesed” and “Pope Francis Consecrates Vatican City to St Michael the Archangel.” This year he asked if a guest article for the feast day (29 September) might be written, even suggesting a title which continues the theme of Saint Michael and justice. Permit me to set the tone with a personal anecdote about guardian angels – whose feast is on 2 October – for they are of assistance to Saint Michael.

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Source: Saint Michael Who Is Like God: Patron Saint of Justice


One thought on “Saint Michael Who Is Like God: Patron Saint of Justice

  1. Feast Day of Saint Michael

    Saint Michael, my Hero
    stay at my side
    reduce satan to zero
    the one puffed up with pride

    Fight with me, Saint Michael,
    guide me in the Spiritual Battle
    help me in this reprisal cycle
    to silence the viper’s rattle

    Satan is a murderer and a thief
    he steals away God’s Creation
    he leads man to erroneous belief
    he is vicious, a vile abomination

    Saint Michael, “Who is as God” !
    let your battle-cry be heard
    using your sword as a prod
    you disperse all of satan’s herd

    Safely protected under your wings
    we will defy his spiritual plunder
    we will escape his poisonous stings
    YOU,cast him forever,deep down under

    Saint Michael Pray For Us
    Rita Biesemans, 5-8-2013

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