Not Enough Celibate Priests? Make Way For Married Priests


Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

This is the remedy being considered by Cardinal Hummes and Pope Francis for regions with a scarcity of clergy, starting with the Amazon.

The hypothesis had already been addressed following the twofold synod on the family:

> The Next Synod Is Already in the Works. On Married Priests (9.12.2015)

It had made rapid strides forward:

> Married Priests. The Germany-Brazil Axis (12.1.2016)

And now it seems to be gaining ground. Curiously, shortly before the pope received Hummes, Andrea Grillo – an ultra-Bergoglian theologian, professor at the pontifical atheneum of St. Anselm, whose contributions have been systematically relaunched and emphasized by the para-Vatican website “Il Sismografo” – had even forecast in detail the theme of the next synod on “the ordained ministry in the Church,” divided into these three sub-themes:

– the collegial exercise of the episcopacy and the restitution to the bishop of full authority over the diocesan liturgy;
– the formation of presbyters, with the rethinking of the Tridentine form of the seminary and the possibility of ordaining married men;
– the theology of the diaconate and the possibility of a female diaconate.

Read the article here:

Source: Not Enough Celibate Priests? Make Way For Married Priests


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