Ham radio operators come together in Pennsylvania

Back in the early 60’s, we started out with CB radio’s in our apartments and cars. It was a great way to keep in touch with each other and meet new friends. Gradually, CB became a cesspool and most people just gave up on it. I wanted more, so I became a Ham Radio operator and now I was meeting people across the USA via amateur radio. My call letter’s were WA2VZG and I usually operated on Six Meters Wave Band. I had a Drake transmitter and built my own antennae which was really large. After moving to often to new places to live, I gave it all up, but here it is 45 years later still wanting to communicate with others. I guess, that’s why I like the Internet so much, and usually send out many messages each day and author a few blogs too. Below is a story of a local Ham Radio club here in North Pennsylvania which I found interesting:

WAYMART — Joe Cieciorka gently turned the radio dial. The static ebbed and flowed until he found distorted voices that gradually became clearer through the white noise.

The amateur operators could be called upon during natural disasters, such as tornados or hurricanes, that damage communications infrastructure, said Mr. Cieciorka, a Fell Twp. resident and president of the club.

“When everything else fails, when all communications go down — which they can, computers, cellphones and the like — we’re the guys behind the scenes that make the heroes look good,” the 66-year-old said. “We handle traffic. We can pass traffic across the country in no time.”

Read more here:

Source: Ham radio operators come together – News – The Times-Tribune


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