From SpiritDaily: An update on a Syrian seer

We caught up recently with Myrna Nazzour, Syrian stigmatic and seer, now 52, who, it is claimed, experienced the rare phenomenon in 1982 whereby pure olive oil not only exuded from an icon in her proximity but from the then young woman herself — causing wonderment to Catholics, Greek Orthodox, and Muslims alike.

She herself is from a household of both Catholic (her father) and Orthodox (her mother) heritage — blending what John Paul II called “both lungs” of Christianity.

Remarkably, her mysticism has met with the approval of Roman Catholic authorities (the papal nuncio at the time, Bishop Luigi Accogli), the Melkite Catholic prelate (Isidore Battikha), and an Orthodox Patriarch.

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2 thoughts on “From SpiritDaily: An update on a Syrian seer

  1. God is a God to all people and he works his will though they who give of themselves to his will…We pray for conversions…we pray for Unification, and for those who do not know the love of God…May his healing hands work for his glory though others!
    Bless you Deacon John…

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