Ark-Quest Photographs an, ‘Ancient Triangular Shaped Object’ on Greater Mount Ararat, is it the Ark’s Remains?

Contact: Ronald Stewart, 830-203-1426

GONZALES, Texas, June 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — During the summer of 2015 part of the “Ark-Quest” team was on Greater Mount Ararat, and took a number of photographs of an (alleged) ancient architectural constructed object. The object resembled “A Triangular ‘A’-Framed (House-Like Roof) on an ancient ship-like-hull” in ruins. Said artifact rests in a semi rectangular horizontal plateaued-like cliff shelf “hollow cavity” recessed into Mount Ararat.

Română: Muntele Ararat 3D. Imagine realizata c...

Română: Muntele Ararat 3D. Imagine realizata cu date SRTM furnizate liber de NASA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The potential vessel measurements are based upon The ‘Biblical Cubit’ described in Genesis 6:15. There are two types. The Hebrew Cubit, 17.5 -18.0 inches in length, and the The Egyptian Cubit, 20.5-22.0 inches in length. If the object would be the larger (Egyptian Cubit) it would measure approximately 300 cubits/512 feet in length, 50 cubits/86 feet wide, and 30 cubits/50-52 feet high. The physical location of the object is on the NE side in the Ahora Gorge, at 4,139 meters elevation, west of The Araxes Glacier Ice Cave.

Observations in other photos may (allegedly) depict what resemble semi-rectangular stone-like in appearance animal stalls stacked on top of each other eight rows high, from the bottom to the top of the object. From what could be seen and analyzed thus far, at each (alleged) animal stall there is an (alleged) picture writing representation consisting of the head and/or neck bust of the type of animal that may had resided there. Other photos may (allegedly) depict where ice and snow has melted back off of what resemble detailed animal and dinosaur like petroglyphs.

Important! Ark-Quest is not claiming this is Noah’s Ark. More research is planned for the site. Ark-Quest invites the cooperation of further scientific investigation of the (possible/alleged) triangular shaped remains of Noah’s Ark at the “Ark-Quest-Site/Location” which is revealed in a paper, that is written in the genre, for the layman, scholar, and professional alike, which includes a vast amount of new data/evidence. There is scientific, lost historical, new archaeological, photographic, imaging, technological documentation and other forms of evidence that have been recently published with a small peer reviewed publisher, and upwards of 60 or more supplemental material videos are available, and more new videos are being added. Please review at More technical scientific data for instance on the wood’s permineralized molecular composition, will be published in (IAN)-(Volume # 5). Email Contact –


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