What do we mean when we call Mary “Coredemptrix”?

Co-redemptrix…Detract from Jesus?

Does the designation of Mary as Coredemptrix or Mediatrix of all graces detract from the uniqueness and all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ, the one Redeemer and the one Mediator?

Jesus Christ as true God and true man redeems the human family, while Mary as Coredemptrix participates with the Redeemer in his one perfect Sacrifice in a completely subordinate and dependent way. The key word here is “participation” in that which is exclusively true of Jesus Christ. The title “Coredemptrix” never puts Mary on a level of equality with our Lord; rather, it refers to Mary’s unique and intimate participation with her divine Son in the work of redemption. “Coredemptrix” is a Latin word; the prefix “co” in the title, “Coredemptrix,” derives from the Latin word “cum,” which means “with,” not “equal to.” Mary’s sufferings are efficacious towards the redemption of man because they are wholly rooted in the redemptive graces of Christ and are perfectly united to His redeeming will.

Similarly, as Mediatrix, the Mother of Jesus does not “rival” Christ’s mediation but rather participates in the one mediation of Jesus Christ. Imagine water from a reservoir reaching the people through a system of aqueducts or channels. By analogy, Jesus is the infinite “reservoir” of all grace, which is destributed to us through Mary. Jesus, the one mediator, does not exclude secondary, subordinate mediators. In Pope John Paul II’s Wednesday audience of October 1, 1997, the Pope addressed this very issue:

“Mary’s maternal mediation does not obscure the unique and perfect mediation of Christ. Indeed, after calling Mary ‘Mediatrix’, the Council is careful to explain that this ‘neither takes away anything from nor adds anything to the dignity and efficacy of Christ the one Mediator’ (Lumen gentium, n.62)….In addition, the Council states that ‘Mary’s function as Mother of men in no way obscures or diminishes this unique mediation of Christ, but rather shows its power’ (Lumen gentium, n.60).

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Blessed Virgin Mary: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate

Blessed Virgin Mary: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate

Mediatrix and Coredemptrix?

The following is an interview conducted by Legatus Magazine about the growing movement and pressing need for the Fifth Marian Dogma, declaring our Lady as Mediatrix, Co-redemptrix, and Advocate. –Asst. Ed.

Judy Roberts writes about the growing movement for a possible fifth Marian dogma . . .

The Catholic Church’s four key teachings about the Blessed Virgin were the instruments that drew Dr. Richard Russell to convert from Protestantism. Now the Georgetown University professor would like the Church to proclaim a fifth Marian dogma declaring Mary “Coredemptrix.”

This fifth dogma — a solemn definition of Mary as spiritual mother of all peoples: Coredemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all graces — is a cause for which hundreds of Catholics around the world are currently praying in a year-long rosary campaign that began on the feast of the Assumption last year.

Universal appeal

The new dogma is also the subject of petitions — many initiated by bishops and cardinals — that continue to flood the Vatican from five continents. Last year, in the first call for the proclamation from a head of state, then-Filipino president Gloria Arroyo wrote Pope Benedict XVI a letter asking for the fifth dogma on behalf of her people.

Appeals for the new dogma date to the 1920s and the efforts of Belgian Cardinal Desire-Joseph Mercier, an ecumenical leader who championed the cause with support from St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Russell, an adjunct professor of security studies who has been researching the approved Lady of All Nations prophecies in Amsterdam, acknowledged that the term “coredemptrix” sounds startling on first hearing. “But when you work through it,” he said, “it actually makes a great deal of sense.

“If Mary doesn’t say ‘yes’ at the time of the Annunciation, no blood is shed on Calvary,” he explained. “By pure force of logic, it has to be true. You cannot escape that she coredeems humanity. If she says ‘no,’ there is no redemption.” The Catholic Church has approved four Marian dogmas: that Mary is the Mother of God, conceived without sin, perpetually a virgin and assumed into heaven. Those who object to adding “coredemptrix” to her list of titles claim that it would wrongly place Christ’s mother on an equal plane with her son.

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