#FearCultureFail | One Mad Mom

It’s pathetic when young college students can’t tell a priest from a member of the KKK.  (Profanity warning: One of the ignorant youngsters decidedly wanted to further show his ignorance by using an “f” bomb in his message.) Let me help you politically correct morons who prefer to yell “Hate!” when they see white rather than actually look at a person, dressed in a white robe, with a Rosary around his waist taking a leisurely stroll around campus.

Here are members of the KKK:

Here are members of the Dominican Order of Preachers:

Anyone see the difference?  Well, here are a couple:  How about the Klan’s pointy hood with eyeholes cut in them versus the Rosaries around the waist of the Dominicans?  Another difference?  Klansmen robes are meant to hide cowardly bullies who are doing evil deeds so no one can differentiate one from another.  The white robes of the Dominicans?  Those are meant to draw attention and show a difference between the wearer and the average Joe, like most other uniforms of one type or another.  Need a priest?  Need a police officer? There’s one!

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Source: #FearCultureFail | One Mad Mom


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