(John 8:21-30)

Prayer: O Jesus, enlighten me and reveal your fullness.

Imagination: (Picture Jesus in the temple.)

Faces of Jesus (Image from


In this text, Jesus does not say “I am the light of the world” but simply “I am”. In fact, he says it twice. By using these words, he claims equality with the Father, who said ‘I AM” when speaking to Moses at the burning bush.

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Source: Posts from Meditations – Flame of Love for 03/15/2016

Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers

“God the Father said: ‘I sent you One who would seek you out, walk with you, and forgive you. So he had feet to walk with and hands to forgive with. Thus, when he ascended after his resurrection, he showed hands, side, and feet: hands with which he gave pardon to sinners; and side from which flowed the ransom of the redeemed.'” (Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 A.D., excerpt from Sermon 16A,10)


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