Did You Know That Jesus Had No Faith?

Finally, an article explaining Christ’s two natures, Human and Divine, which is why Jesus, who knew all things, did not need Faith.

[Excerpt] Jesus has two natures. That might be news if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness, but it should be nothing new to Catholics. Jesus has a divine nature (that of God) and a human nature (that of man). These two natures had to be joined in some way. This question, where the two natures are united, earned many heretics their reputation. Some were even punched in the face. (I’m thinking of you, Arius.) The answer is that Jesus’ two natures are joined in the person of Christ—not his body, not in his soul, or his nature. We call this the “hypostatic union”, which is a fancy way of saying what you’ve already been told: that Jesus has two natures united in his single person.

So now you know, Jesus had no faith because He already sees every divine thing unseen to creatures.

St. Thomas Aquinas, over 700 years ago, solved this question for us in his masterpiece Summa Theologiae. The particular question arises in Part III, Question 7, Article 3, which deals with the grace in Christ as an individual man. You can read that here.

Read the whole article here:

Source: Did You Know That Jesus Had No Faith? |Blogs | NCRegister.com


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