Pretty in pink? | Faith in our Families

Yesterday was Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday in Lent). Our priests at my parish wore the traditional violet vestments, as I did assisting as deacon. But I’m sure there were plenty of pink or rose colored vestments worn throughout the Catholic world. Here’s what Clare has to say:

“It’s that bi-annual event where – depending on his vestments,  your priest either ends up looking like a big girl in a pink dress, or even worse looking like he is adorning himself in a giant salmon costume.

“Pink is never easy to get right on a man, but I think I might have cracked it…

“Check out this 3 piece Gothic set I just finished for a priest in Ohio. This is the traditional Rosacea colour for Rose Sunday. I used a brighter pink as the lining so it is not too overbearing. I think it is a much more masculine way of doing pink! 😉

“For more of my vestments please visit my website or email me directly at

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Source: Pretty in pink? | Faith in our Families


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