(Luke 9:27-36)

Prayer: O Jesus, take me up the mountain with you.

Imagination: (Picture Jesus transfigured in glory with his 3 apostles.)


Peter has just proclaimed (by faith) that Jesus is the Messiah. Now, these three apostles experience Jesus as the Messiah. Also, the Father says that Jesus is his “Beloved Son”, the same title given at Jesus’ Baptism. Elijah and Moses appear. They, too, share in Jesus’ fullness. All of these religious experiences confirm that Jesus is the Messiah.

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Source: Posts from Meditations – Flame of Love for 02/21/2016

Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers

“Do you wish to see the transfiguration of Jesus? Behold with me the Jesus of the Gospels. Let him be simply apprehended. There he is beheld both ‘according to the flesh’ and at the same time in his true divinity. He is beheld in the form of God according to our capacity for knowledge. This is how he was beheld by those who went up upon the lofty mountain to be apart with him. Meanwhile those who do not go up the mountain can still behold his works and hear his words, which are uplifting. It is before those who go up that Jesus is transfigured, and not to those below. When he is transfigured, his face shines as the sun, that he may be manifested to the children of light, who have put off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light (Romans 13:12). They are no longer the children of darkness or night but have become the children of day. They walk honestly as in the day. Being manifested, he will shine to them not simply as the sun but as he is demonstrated to be, the sun of righteousness.” (Jerome, 347-420 A.D., excerpt from Commentary on Matthew 12.37.10)


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