Great Idea! An Opportunity to bless civil marriages in Alameda

How about the rest of the Dioceses and parishes doing something like this!


St. Joseph Basilica Parish offering retreat for couples married civilly but not in the church

The following comes from a February 8 Catholic Voice article by Michele Jurich:

In the Year of Mercy, St. Joseph Basilica Parish is making an offer to couples who have civil marriages and are eligible to be married in the Catholic Church: It’s on us.

Father George Alengandan, pastor, made the same offer last year, said Anne Marie Fourre, director of faith formation, and four couples were blessed at a convalidation ceremony. Three additional couples were blessed in ceremonies of their own.

Associate Pastor Father Thi Van Hoang made the offer this year, on the day the church remembered the miracle at Cana.

“We want to give them the opportunity to consecrate their marriage in the church,” said Fourre.

The parish will offer a free one-day convalidation marriage retreat, which will include the opportunity to do the paperwork required for the marriage blessing. The retreat is designed for those who are married civilly to each other and have no previous marriages.

Those who have a prior marriage that may require an annulment are invited to consult with a priest.

Source: Opportunity to bless civil marriages in Alameda


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