(Matthew 6:1-4)

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit. Teach me to act in secret so I do not lose my reward.

Imagination (Picture Jesus teaching the disciples how to gain their reward.)


Jesus contrasts Christian goodness with the goodness of the Pharisees. He focuses on almsgiving, prayer and fasting. All of these should be done secretly so the person is rewarded by God and not by others.

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Source: Posts from Meditations – Flame of Love for 02/10/2016

Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers

“Christians must always live in this way, without any wish to come down from their cross – otherwise they will sink beneath the world’s mire. But if we have to do so all our lives, we must make an even greater effort during the days of Lent. It is not a simple matter of living through forty days. Lent is the epitome of our whole life.” (Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 A.D., excerpt from Sermon 205, 1)


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