Bishops, priests and deacons together: Brooklyn’s clergy convocation

This is a post by Deacon Greg Kandra, one of my brother deacons from the Diocese of Brooklyn. I would have loved to participated in this Convocation For Clergy, but I can’t leave Marianne alone for a full day away. That’s why I don’t go on retreats too, which usually last an entire weekend. May all the Bishops, Priests, and Deacons be blessed in their ministry’s. 
Here’s the article:

Just got back from the second-ever joint clergy convocation for my diocese—a remarkable gathering of bishops, priests and deacons. (Shown above: the cover for the prayer booklet, featuring an image of the three levels of Holy Orders.) There was a healthy turnout—easily, a couple hundred clergy gathered under one roof—and a good deal of camaraderie and carbohydrates (dinner was involved). It was organized as part of the Sacred Heart Institute, the trailblazing new collaboration between the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre and the Archdiocese of New York. 
Topping it off was a beautiful, challenging talk by Deacon James Keating (below) that touched on obedience, listening, marriage and how all this contributes to contemplative homiletics. 
It was a great night, and a wonderful opportunity to break bread with our brother clergy. 

Deacon Greg 


2 thoughts on “Bishops, priests and deacons together: Brooklyn’s clergy convocation

  1. Deacon John–I have become a bit cynical of Cardinals, Bishops, and priests. Maybe those who were there are better poeople but let me relate my story,

    St. Thomas More church of Dalzell, Illinois was suspended for a couple years in 1908. We were recently opened and given an option to become one of three parishes that Father Fixen of Cherry, Illinois would service. I always felt that priests should handle more than one church and the laity would help in the operation of the church.

    I was happy too see the Bishop make this decision. There are no priest shortages, there are priests that will not say masses to those parishioners who are without a pastor. Is it because of the Bishop’s orders or– is it because the priests don’t want to handle more than two (2) churches?

    I was told by a priest who sometimes comes to our church that the Bishop would never suspend or close churches anymore. Now the Bishop, in a letter to the parishioners of our church stated that St. Thomas More church would “No longer exist” and we are to merge with Holy Trinity of Cherry Illinois as of July 1, 2014.

    Our country is in a religious and moral quandary, and the clergy are not helping in this matter. You begin to wonder what will happen to our church. Will it be torn down like St. Benedicts in Ladd, Illinois just five miles away. or sold to the highest bidder like they wanted to do to Ressurection Church in La Salle, Illinois only about eight miles away? They eventually sold Ressurection to another religion.

    I like to think that Padre Pio has it right when he says” Pray and make others pray because the world is on the road to perdition where Cardinals, Bichops, and priests are on the road to perdition, and will take many Catholics with them.”

    In the chastisement that the Lady gave to Sister Agnes Sasagawa in Akita Japan which stated, where churches and altars will be desecrated and Satan will lead Bishops and priests away from God, is this what is now happening?

    Sorry that I feel this way but it is discouraging when you spend you life paying and repairing the church only to find out that our church will no longer exist.


    • Carlo, The Church is going through it’s Passion before the Resurrection! Hang in there and keep praying, especially for priests. That’s what Our Lady wants. You quoted Padre Pio, but actually that quote came from the Second Message of Garabandal, which Padre Pio supported ad advised others to go there. Soon God will intervene and send His divine Warning, a correction of the conscience of the world. After that we will have an Era of Peace, as Our Lady of Fatima prophetized in 1917. God Bless+

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