Look at Our Beautiful Redesigned Sanctuary:

Today, a friend sent me some photos of the redesigned sanctuary at the parish I attend for Mass here in Central Florida. Notice the beautiful Tabernacle, centered behind the altar, and the Crucifix on the altar itself. Above the Tabernacle is a large Crucifix and above that is a stained glass window with a picture of the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt guided by a Guardian Angel! 



Another big surprise this past week was that the Stations of the Cross, which were cloth banners, were replaced with beautiful  high relief painted plaster Stations of the Cross similar to these:




What a blessing our new pastor has turned out to be! 
Deacon John
I just ran across this great article titled: ”

Cross, Altar and the Right Way of Praying”

Check it out here: http://www.hprweb.com/2012/01/cross-altar-and-the-right-way-of-praying/


One thought on “Look at Our Beautiful Redesigned Sanctuary:

  1. Deacon John

    This makes for a wonderful way to pray in a place where their is love for the parish and Priest! “God Bless St. Mary of the lakes

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