Tattoos: Not just for bikers anymore

Tattoos: Not just for bikers anymore :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

This is an interesting article from CNA about tattoos. I have a few myself, from the early 50’s so that makes them


Coney Island. Image via Wikipedia

over 50 years old! They tell who I am (at the time), a young sailor who loved being in the Navy ( a tattoo on right shoulder of a ship with my serial number below it), a man of Faith (a crucifix on left shoulder), love of parents (a heart with mom

 & dad banners on right forearm), a dark Italian (a black panther on left forearm) and finally to show who I really am, a skunk (stinky) and a mouse (pass the cheese please)! Where did I get them? Mostly in Coney Island where I hung out with all my motorcycle buddies at that time. I even worked at a few concession stands for some spending money. Would I get  these tattoos again if I lived my life over again. Probably not because they have been an embarrassment over the years when I did my ministry in the Church and wanted to set a good example with the children in the religious education program. Today almost everyone I meet and even my own children have tattoos. I often wonder if it was a sin to get a tattoo, I’m sure I confessed it down the road sometime. But I know one thing, God didn’t abandon me because of my tattoos; He has called me to be His servant (ordination) and I pray that I have pleased Him with my Faith, Hope and Charity and my diaconia (service)! May the Divine Mercy be in our souls+ 



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3 thoughts on “Tattoos: Not just for bikers anymore

  1. Dear Deacon John

    Let me tell you a true story! Years ago people were eating out at a fast food restaurant and a very big man came in he had tattoos all over his arms and a ring in his ear and heavily bearded and in a leather jacket he sat down and everyone look at him and were not to pleased to say the least. He was already being judged by his appearance. The waitress came put down his food all eyes were on him he bowed his head and said… Thank you lord and cross himself. Let a man be judged by his fruits and not his tattoos!

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