Compelling Insights into 1917 Fatima Apparitions

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Foremost Expert Reveals Urgent, Yet Hopeful Analysis on Fatima Messages 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 9, 2011) – For almost an entire century, the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, have intensified devotion and served as an urgent message of hope to the world. On the eve of the 94th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., one of the world’s leading experts on Fatima, analyzes this timeless event in the life of the Catholic Church in his landmark work Fatima for Today from Ignatius Press. 

Beginning on May 13, 1917 – and after multiple apparitions by an angel of God – Mary appeared monthly through Oct. 1917 to siblings Francisco and Jacinta Marto, and their cousin, Lucia dos Santos. The children endured ridicule and persecution – even abduction and serious death threats – but never wavered. The Blessed Mother imparted prophetic, important messages to the children, including one that foretold the assassination attempt on Blessed Pope John Paul II, which occurred on May 13, 1981. 

Ignatius Press asked Fr. Apostoli to “put everything about Fatima” in this landmark work, and he has done that – and more. “My intention was to write a book that would combine three essential elements about Our Lady of Fatima,” Fr. Apostoli said. “First, the historical facts of the apparitions; second, the message of prayer, sacrifice, suffering and holiness of life; third the objections and questions that have been raised concerning the message of Fatima.” 

In addition to carefully analyzing the events that unfolded in Fatima, Fr. Apostoli also clears up lingering questi

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ons and doubts about their meaning – including the secret Third Message and the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

In the book’s foreword, Raymond Cardinal Burke notes that Fr. Apostoli “addresses (the Third Message and the consecration of Russia) with the greatest respect and care. Placing them within the context of the complete account of the apparitions and message of Fatima, he resolves them through the careful consideration of all that was taught to the three little seers by the Mother of God.” 

“If there ever was a flawless work on Fatima, this is it,” reported the National Catholic Register in its review of the book. 

“This wonderful book on Fatima is so important!” said Fr. Donald Calloway, author of No Turning Back. “Fr. Apostoli has recaptured this heavenly message of urgency and hope for a new generation.” 

“The message of Fatima has often been described as a brief summary of the essentials of Christian living,” Fr. Apostoli writes. “Our lady of Fatima has given us a great reminder of these essentials for our difficult times.” 

Fr. Apostoli, a founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, has been teaching and preaching retreats and parish missions for several decades. He hosted the EWTN TV special “Our Lady of Fatima and First Saturday Devotion,” and Catholic TV developed and aired a three-part series on Fatima for Today earlier this year. 

For more information about Fatima for Today, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R, please contact Alexis Walkenstein with The Maximus Group at 678-990-9032. 

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2 thoughts on “Compelling Insights into 1917 Fatima Apparitions

  1. This book has great insight into the Fatima message. So much distortion has come about over the years and hopefully this book will help clarify the True Message of Fatima.

  2. This book is on my list of books to read about the events. I think we need more eyes on Fatima – it could help those that see no reason to believe how God reaches out to them.

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