Prostate cancer: Needle biopsies can spread bacteria –

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Prostate cancer: Needle biopsies can spread bacteria –

The specter of prostate cancer is alarming enough – and it just got even more alarming. Some doctors are reporting that men who get biopsies for prostate cancer may be putting themselves at risk for infection by drug-resistant bacteria.

This  article reminded me of a friends death about 20 years ago. Joe was a great friendly guy, devout and family oriented. We worked together at a local hospital as security guards. Joe was always bragging about his loving wife and children. He seemed to have the ideal middle class life and was enjoying it.

Then one day he privately told me that he was diagnosed with  prostate cancer and was going in for an operation to remove the cancer. After the operation, Joe died within six months. I was shocked that such a young man, who had so much, was gone from this world. His family took his death badly and grieved for along time.

Joe’s death was something I could not forget either, especially it’s cause, so about a year ago, I had some lower pains and urinary problems and my doctor sent me to a prostate cancer specialist. This new doctor examined me thoroughly, even an interior exam, and said my prostate was swollen. He immediately scheduled a biopsy operation for me, among other procedures. 

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I went home and started to think about all this and Joe came back in my mind. I  also remember reading an article where it said that men of my age do better without an operation; we outlive some of those who have the operation. Anyway, I don’t know if my prostate was cancerous or not and I really don’t want to know, so I called the doctors office to cancel the biopsy. I told them I would go through all the other tests the doctor ordered but not that one.

A few days later, the doctor called me and said: “I understand you don’t want to go through with the biopsy.” I said: “No, I’d rather not.” He said very harshly, ” Don’t bother coming back to my office, you are no longer one of my patients!”

Wasn’t that nice! No “ands, ifs or buts,” just don’t come back! Well, doctor, I’m still living and expect to go on for a few more years, God willing, so put that in your biopsy and smoke it! Btw, the doctor died suddenly about a year ago. I met and tried to console his dear  wife. I hope he’s in heaven! 🙂    

The reported trend is outlined in this Bloomberg article:

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